Month Numero One

One months down!

Before I start I would like to share with you something I wrote on a personal blog I keep, written back in May 2015…

Next Chapter
We all have our own reasons to drink and I can no longer claim that my drinking is healthy. I have tried to cut down and given myself every excuse under the sun to allow myself to numb my feelings with drink, but now it’s not just me I’m fighting for. I have to do this for the people I love, the people who are also hurting by watching me in meltdown. So here starts my next challenge a month without any alcohol, no excuses!

To look back at this statement a year or so ago to where I am now is such a leap!
This month has been odd and difficult at times. I have eaten FAR more sugar than I care to admit! I’m talking tubs of nutella, ice cream, chocolates, biscuits and a scary obsession with peanut butter… seems I have needed a replacement for alcohol and eating my calories instead of drinking them has served as an interesting substitute!
(Below witness a concoction I made of nutella, peanut butter, banana, honey and pecans!)


On a more serious note it has been odd as I’ve found myself being less sociable, I have avoided situations where alcohol is involved like the plague! Causing me to not see many friends and to stay in a lot more. This isn’t all negative as I’ve been doing far more exercise and been very productive with painting, walking and reading as well as discovering new hobbies and rediscovering old ones.

I won’t lie a glass of wine or a great night out with some drinks would go down a treat!!! But I can still feel at the back of my mind that there’s a part of me which wouldn’t stop, or would take the drinking too far.
So onwards and upwards! I am intrigued to see how I feel after month two as that will be the longest I’ve been sober in years!