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Month No. 5

Month Numero Five

Fifth month down and I am officially on my last month of being sober and fundraising for mind!!!

It is insane how quickly this time has gone from making the decision to embark on this journey last year to coming so close to finishing it.
I don’t crave alcohol in the slightest now, if anything the idea or drinking again isn’t even that exciting… though I have been on a fair few sober nights out and socially I admit a drink or two may relax me or prevent me blabbering through awkward silences so much… but that’s just me!

This experience has truly ignited a fire in me and a real passion for breaking that stigma towards mental health. A burden, a battle and an illness that so many suffer from in silence and can often be wrongly judged and treated for. Too many lives are lost to mental health struggles and too many lives are made a struggle from day to day.End-Stigma
We need to speak out, we need to address that this is an issue that won’t go away and won’t stand for going unnoticed any longer. We need help and there is no shame in admitting to that.

I have recently shared some of my story on this blog in hope that some may relate and others better understand the effects of living with mental health difficulties and why this journey has been so important to me.

So please help me reach my target of £2000 for the end of June and lets all contribute towards this important cause and an incredible charity helping those who suffer!



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