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Month No. 3

Month Numero Three

Well there was a delay writing this update due to me enjoying another hangover free weekend in the Peak District (yes I’m taking a little pleasure from those who are hungover, there’s got to be some ups to sobriety!)


So month number 3 has finally been made which originally was going to be my last month of going sober but thanks to all the generosity of those who have donated after reaching over £1000 I will be now going sober for an additional 3 months.

Now while this means missing out on many a cold alcoholic beverage at a BBQ or in a beer garden ultimately I’m welcoming the challenge as the more this journey goes on the more I am discovering about myself.

In this last 3 months I have achieved more than I have in ages and in doing so built a better understanding of who I am away from trying to ‘blend in’ or constantly attempting to ‘people please’. I believe this has happened due to the time I have been left with my sober mind, there is no running away from it, no quick escape and by no means has it been easy but learning to not hate time by myself left with my own thoughts has been incredible! Almost makes me wonder why it has taken me so long to do this…

Some of the realisations I’ve had haven’t been great, but owning up to mistakes, discovering true friends and admitting to having problems have all lead to a much deeper peace of mind, where I can actually move on from these things instead of constantly picking the baggage up and bringing it with me.

So another three months to go leaves me intrigued to how I’m going to start viewing alcohol and if it will still have such a hold on me after I can start drinking again…

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