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Month No. 2

Month Numero Two

Made it through another month (even though it’s shorter than most) this is officially the longest I have been sober and gone without a drink in longer than I can think and longer than I care to admit!

Well the big and most grateful update I have is that together we have officially hit my target of £1000!!!


This means an extra 3 months of sobriety which takes me up to July!
This in itself is going to be quite a journey! As for some what may seem like a simple step has already been helping me learn so much about myself and the way I was living my life before not drinking.

For example drink was my escapism from my emotions, it was my link to becoming someone else and disappearing into a world where I simply didn’t care and didn’t hold myself accountable to what I did to myself and sadly sometimes others. It helped me feel better about myself and helped take away the fear and anxiety I felt when intense emotions would consume me. But sadly no matter what I did I always had to wake up the next day and deal with the consequences often guilt ridden with what I may have said or done and ultimately it pushed me deeper and deeper into the cycle of depression and self-hate.

Not drinking has challenged me to address the issues I would go for drink in the first place, it has helped me value my time more and put it to good use.
Avoiding hangovers has been a major plus, as well as not having to battle feelings of anxiety and regret the following day.
I still have much to learn and as anything new it is a challenge and part of another journey which I’m hopeful will have a much more positive outcome.

So onto another month without alcohol and sadly without peanut butter too as I’ve given that up for lent! Think not having peanut butter will be the real challenge!!!

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